Rosa Barba (b. 1972, Italy) is a Berlin-based visual artist.  Barba explores the aleatory and psychic dimensions of the image, the speculative narration that conjures invisible landscapes, landscapes with unseen histories, and the characteristic evocation of cinematic narrative through the use of moving and projected text, white light and sometimes an off-site reference to a historic event in Modernist discourse. Informed by a social and cultural research, the re-presentation of Barba’s subjects are constructions of peculiar monuments in history used like metaphors for realized utopias. Places where nothing seems contradictory but includes absurd ideas and paradoxical actions within one frame. It’s like listening to several voices from tiny parts of a society, which are constantly reforming by also asking the viewer to continually take a new position for the future.

In her sculptural installations she brings projected image and recollected language, material and imagined object, into an oppositional and conflating dialogue. The works speculate on the nature of the document not just as a finalised version but as the present tense of reflection- less an act of translation but the continual transposition of material into image and back again. As such, what is understood as history is consecutively reconstituted in the mute veracity of matter, content into form, form into content.


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