Chinati loans horizontal wall work, or "progression," to MoMA for Judd retrospective

From March 1–July 11, 2020, the Museum of Modern Art in New York will host a retrospective of the work of Donald Judd. The Chinati Foundation has loaned a horizontal wall work, also known as a "progression," from our permanent collection for this important exhibition.

Chinati Weekend 2019 Special Exhibitions

Special exhibitions at this year’s Chinati Weekend—Friday, October 11 through Sunday, October 13—will feature rarely seen works from the museum’s permanent collection by Donald Judd, Barnett Newman, and John Wesley.

Conservation Treatment of John Chamberlain's Roxanne Loup, 1979

The images presented here demonstrate the general treatment model for Chinati's collection of John Chamberlain sculptures. John Chamberlain created Roxanne Loup in 1979 in his characteristic collage technique, with scrap material he formed, fitted, and held together by quick tack-welds. Before executing the stabilization repair in March 2018, thorough archival research was done to understand how it evolved over 40 years into its present condition.

UV Film Application at Chinati, Summer 2014

Natural light is essential for the art experience at Chinati. Most installations at the museum employ the natural light of the reliably strong West Texas Sun as their sole source of illumination year round. While the natural light is a crucial component in the viewing of the installations at Chinati, it simultaneously presents challenges for preserving the art works, particularly the permanent installations in which paper is central to the work, like the Carl Andre and Ilya Kabakov installations.