Artillery Shed Renovation

This post features a small collection of images documenting the south artillery shed and the construction of its roof in 1983.

Concrete Works: Installation

This post features rarely-seen contact sheet images from the early 1980s that document the installation of the concrete works

Cavalry at Camp Marfa, Part 1

This post features the first of two series of images shot by Sergeant Bernard Langhoop documenting life at Camp Marfa in 1927.

Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen, Mock-up

These images show the 1988 installation of a plywood mock-up for  Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen's  Monument to the Last Horse, a work permanently installed at Chinati in 1991.

Dan Flavin Building Construction

These photos document the late 1990s renovation of the six U-shaped former barracks buildings that would together comprise the setting for Dan Flavin's untitled Marfa Project, inaugurated in 2000. 

Artillery Sheds Renovation and Aluminum Works Installation

This post features photos from a small collection that documents the artillery shed construction and the installation of Judd's 100 works in mill aluminum.

Cavalry at Camp Marfa, Part 2

This month features the second of two series of images shot by Sergeant Bernard Langhoop that document life at Camp Marfa in 1927.

Chamberlain Building Construction

This series of images documents the restoration and adaptation of the former Marfa Wool & Mohair Company building in downtown Marfa, where twenty-two sculptures by John Chamberlain were permanently installed.

Robert Irwin, Untitled (Four Walls), 2006: Installation

These images were taken in August 2006, and document the installation of Robert Irwin's 2006 piece "Untitled (four walls" which remained on view through July 2007

Early Chinati Open House Materials

This post features invitations, brochures and lists documenting early occurrences of this long-standing community and institutional tradition, referred to at this point as Open House.

John Chamberlain: Foam Sculptures

A special exhibition of foam sculptures by John Chamberlain was on view at Chinati in 2005-2006.