Longform Workshops

How did we get here? And what is important? These are big and lofty questions, central questions for any artist, and they are questions that have been plumbed by students who’ve participated in the sustained projects that have grown from Chinati’s ongoing and rich partnership with Marfa ISD. The Longform Workshop allows the student to think about a topic over an extended period of time. Out of town visits, guest speakers and an emphasis on critical thinking are all hallmarks of these programs, which can span several days or several months. The workshops described below originally incorporated multiple visits to Marfa ISD by Chinati educators, various visits by students to the museum and different trips to cultural sites and museums in other cities. In our experience with working with out of town districts we’ve found that many of them can be executed remotely, abridged or adapted into shorter programs.

Seeing Light and Space

With an emphasis on the works of Dan Flavin and Robert Irwin, Seeing Light and Seeing Space center on the importance of making time to actively see. The Flavin and Irwin workshops offer opportunities to notice and take account of the presence of light. Visiting students are asked to look for elements within the work that a casual observer might miss. Where does an artwork involving light begin and end? How much does the environment play a role in what is seen? Where is the art, exactly? And what is it?

4H screen printing art project

Beginning mid February students will learn basic screen printing skills. Participants of last year’s art project will broaden their skill through more advanced techniques and a focus on composition and content. Class will meet four times times for approximately 2-3 hours per class.

Seeing Poetry

This fall, Chinati continued its Seeing Poetry program, which is a collaborative effort between the museum and Marfa ISD. Ninth graders, along with teachers, Chinati staff, and a professional poet, used Carl Andre's permanent Chinati installation “Words” as an entry point for writing their own poetry and silkscreening those works onto paper and t-shirts.

Seeing Poetry exhibition and reading

Please join us, Wednesday, November 4, 2015 for Seeing Poetry, an exhibition of original poetry written and screen printed by the Marfa High School freshman class. The installation will open to the public at 5:00 pm in the Arena, with a reading by the young artists at 6:00 pm. The reading will be followed by a reception from 6:30-7:30 pm in the courtyard.