'Passer' performance, 2018, Courtesy of the artist and The Broad.

Carmina Escobar

Carmina Escobar is an extreme vocalist, improviser, sound, and intermedia artist. Escobar investigates and expresses emotions, politics, states of alienation, and the possibilities of interpersonal connection. Through voice performances, installations, and video pieces, she seeks to challenge our understandings of musicality, gender, queerness, race, the spoken word, and the foundations of human communication. As an immigrant from Mexico, key to her practice is the exploration of interstitial states of being—suspensions between worlds, politics, and borders.

Carmina Escobar (born 1981 in Mexico City; lives and works in Los Angeles, California) has presented her work in Mexico, Cuba, Europe, the United States, and Canada at festivals and venues such as Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, Fabrica de Arte, CTM Festival, REDCAT, the Broad, the Kitchen, and the Whitney Museum of American Art, among many others. Escobar has been an artist in residence at Montalvo Arts Center, STEIM, Binaural Portugal, OMI, Electroacoustic Music Studio, Fonoteca Nacional, Indexical, MacDowell, Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, and the Hermitage. Escobar has received numerous awards. She is co-founder of Boss Witch Productions as well as Liminar ensemble and Howl Space. Escobar is a faculty member of the VoiceArt program at CalArts.