Chocolate daisy

  • Chocolate daisy close-up.
  • Chocolate daisies in field.
  • Chocolate daisy plant.

This wildflower is worth a sniff! Informally known as the chocolate daisy, Berlandiera lyrata is a perennial (which means it lives more than two years) native to Texas. Chocolate daisies are a leafy plant, with flowers boasting yellow petals and a maroon central disk. Red veins proliferate on the underside of the petals–in fact, sometimes the entire underside of the petal is red! A chocolate aroma arises from the plant’s foliage and is most detectable in the morning. Chocolate daisies grow heartily in dry, rocky limestone soils and they generally bloom from April to November. You can spot (and smell!) these flowers around Marfa, including along roadsides. This wildflower is edible and can be used to season foods.

Invent a new plant or flower. Create your plant from any media you like to use—drawing, painting, collage, clay, etc. After you decide how your plant will look, write down various facts about your plant. What does it smell like—a sandwich? BBQ? Wet dog? Does it have special uses or powers? Where in the world does it grow?