• Cottontail
  • Camouflaged cottontail
  • Cottontail near Arena.

Among the cutest desert animals found at Chinati all year round is the desert cottontail! These little bunnies, whose fur perfectly blends in with the desert grasslands, hop about foraging for food. When a human gets too close, they’ll sit incredibly still with only their round, darting eyes giving them away. Desert cottontails can be found throughout the Southwest, Plains States, and Mexico. They prefer a dry climate and seek shelter in thickets, bush, and grass. They are also herbivores, meaning that they chow down on grass, cacti, bark, and other plants. Though a variety of animals prey upon desert cottontails and their numbers are impacted by human encroachment, their prolific breeding saves them from becoming endangered. Desert cottontails are most active in the cool mornings and evenings.

What is the cutest animal in your eyes? Can you draw, watercolor, or paint this animal? What makes them special to you?