Resources for Educators

Chinati’s educational philosophy is based on two guiding tenets that we share with all student visitors: be kind and be brave. From this simple platform, we witness profound and authentic learning across all age groups.

Together, the education staff and students view specific works at Chinati. We spend considerable time unpacking, exploring and discussing aspects of the pieces in detail. Students then embark on a hands-on art endeavor that encourages a connection between those new conceptual discoveries and their own observations and experiences. An encounter with Dan Flavin’s untitled fluorescent light works, for instance, might present an opportunity for students to record light themselves, through photograms or cyanotypes. Viewing Roni Horn’s massive copper sculptures could spark discussions on mass and color, or the importance of placement and materiality.

Students in Chinati art classes don’t merely make copies of the works they see. Instead, students are given agency to incorporate their engagement with the collection into their own work, the result of which is imaginative art that demonstrates tremendous freedom and thoughtfulness.

The education department is building a growing list of past and ongoing lesson plans we offer to schools in the Big Bend and beyond. Our offerings are appropriate and adaptable for a range of ages, abilities and project lengths. The specific TEKS each project captures is likewise made available to teachers.

Chinati celebrates the experiences and lives of children and adolescents. The Education staff enthusiastically partners with classroom teachers, and we encourage you to approach us with ideas that will allow your students’ curiosity, brilliance and originality to shine!

Teacher Workshops and Visits

Chinati education hosts free teacher visits and professional development workshops throughout the year. Viewing selections from Chinati’s collection, school faculty and staff are introduced to Chinati’s approach to engaging students with art. Depending on the needs of your school, workshops can also culminate with an art making experience.

In past professional development programs, Chinati has led educators in studio processes such as screen printing, perspective drawing, and pinhole photography.

If you are interested in scheduling a professional development workshop at Chinati, please email

Download Lesson Plans and Supplemental Media

Concrete Furniture

To view the lesson plan, click here.

Making Monuments

To view the lesson plan, click here.

Observational Drawing

To view the lesson plan, click here.

Making Together Longform Lesson Plans

To view lesson plans for Making Together longform projects, click here.

Art Education at Home: A Guide for Caregivers (English and Spanish)

To view the English PDF, click here. To view the Spanish PDF, click here.