This workshop introduces elementary school students to shape and form through the art and architecture of Donald Judd. This fun, multi-day program culminates in the making of individual, durable, colorful pillows that are assembled from fabric, buttons and yarn and sewn by students.
Using Carl Andre’s Words to encourage students to think about poetry’s graphic elements and linguistic power, students learn to screen-print and are guided in writing and visually composing their own poems. Upon completing their texts, the young artists print an edition of their work in Chinati’s Art Lab.
Students explore the concepts of permanence, presence, and documentation as they relate to Chinati. Tasked with constructing their own pinhole cameras, the participants gain an authentic, hands-on understanding into how light enters a camera or an eye. Students then make use of the Art Lab’s darkroom to develop their light recordings.
How did we get here? Students discover how artists respond to world events during an investigation into art movements like DaDa, Futurism, Suprematism, Cubism and Modernism. Through tailored art projects, museum visits and discussions, Chinati educators and classroom teachers guide students to discover context, relevance and precedence in Chinati’s rich collection.
Chinati proudly supports the Marfa and Rio Grande chapters of Presidio County 4H. Led by Chinati educators during the academic year, 4Hers attend bi-monthly meetings in the Art Lab where they are exposed to the museum’s collection and execute sustained studio projects in photography and visual art.
Many other student art explorations are possible at Chinati, including concrete furniture casting, large-scale spatial investigations, self-portrait screen-printing, installation projects and more. Contact Adele Powers at 432.729.4362 or via email,