Kate Newby, Let me be the wind that pulls your hair, Artpace, San Antonio, 2017. Materials: porcelain, stoneware, glaze.


Chinati’s current artist in residence is Kate Newby, who is based in New York City and from New Zealand.  Newby will be in residence at Chinati in November and December.

Working with a variety of media including installation, textile, ceramics, casting and glass, Kate Newby is a sculptor who is committed to exploring and putting pressure on the limits and nature of sculpture. As such, she is interested in not only space, volume, texture and materials, but where and how sculpture happens. Varying in scale, works are liable to take place fugaciously, as in the case of her ceramic skipping stones which she asks people to skip and have themselves photographed doing so, on the street in a given city, as in her concrete, poured puddles, or in the gallery proper, in subtly, but noticeably present architectural disruptions of the space itself. In every case the work bears a strong link to not just the every day, but to the lived—it wants to experience as much as it generates experience, collecting and registering the traces of the passing world, which it incorporates and is incorporated into. It is for this reason that if the handmade plays a very important role in what she does it is not merely romantic or even retrograde, but rather the aesthetic byproduct of a position that shamelessly embraces direct experience over the mediated.

Learn more about Kate Newby here.


The Chinati Foundation's Artist in Residence program is generously supported by the Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation and the Chinati Contemporary Council. Chinati is grateful for the generous financial support of our members and the support and in-kind contributions of the people of Marfa.