Membership Edition

Rosa Barba
Light Spills at Fort D.A. Russell

16-mm film transferred to video ( b/w, sound),
2:20 min., and gelatin silver print, 15 3/4 x 18 7/8 (40 x 22.5 cm)
Edition of 50

Rosa Barba has created a limited edition for Chinati members featuring a black-and-white 16-mm film transferred to video and a gelatin silver print. Both the video and the print depict scenes around Chinati and Marfa—including the ruin of the former D.A. Russell hospital that later became Robert Irwin’s untitled (dawn to dusk) and the former fort swimming pool—that Barba recorded while she was an artist in residence in 2013. The video (encoded on a USB stick) and print are available in an edition of 50.

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Rosa Barba

Barba is a German-Italian visual artist and filmmaker based in Berlin. Attracted to what she calls history’s “monumental leftovers” and to contemporary acts of writing, she has filmed on locations at Mt. Vesuvius, the Mojave Desert, and the drifting island of Gotska Sandön to create cinematic works that are sculptural and textual, at once. Barba studied film at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and holds a professorship in Fine Arts at the University of the Arts, Bremen. Her work is held by numerous public and private collections and has been the subject of many publications, including Rosa Barba: From Source to Poem (2017) and Rosa Barba: The Color Out of Space (2016). In February 2020 she was the recipient of the biennial Calder Prize from the Calder Foundation. A major installation at the Tate Modern is forthcoming.

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