Membership Edition

Sarah Crowner

Mezcal for Two, 2022

Glazed porcelain and acrylic on canvas Dimensions: two cups, 3 in. diam. each;  wrapped dimensions vary

Edition of 50 + 2 APs

Sarah Crowner has created a pair of specially wrapped,  limited-edition, ceramic mezcal cups for Chinati members.

The Membership Edition: a pair of ceramic cups, artfully bundled in fabric in the Japanese manner of furoshiki, comes as a gift that contains the elements of Crowner’s art. “I knew I wanted to get my hands dirty,” she says of a formative journey into ceramics that took her back to painting. Her canvases are composed of curvaceous cutouts of hand-dyed fabric. The fabric wrappings around her Chinati cups are essentially scraps of painting. She continues to recourse to ceramics—making functional pottery, Crowner says, refreshes her painting practice.

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Sarah Crowner

Sarah Crowner is an abstract painter whose open approach has led her to work in the contexts of theater and dance, architecture and clay. In 2022, Chinati commissioned her to create a site-specific installation, which she dedicated to collection artist John Chamberlain. Platform (Blue Green Terracotta for JC) consists of over two thousand square-feet of handmade tiles glazed turquoise blue, on a massive wooden platform. Step up onto it—as the artist intends visitors to do—and become immersed in saturated color, glowing light, and tactile shapes.

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