Sgt. Roberts of the HQ Troop of the 1st Cavalry. October 1927. Camp Marfa, TX.

Cavalry at Camp Marfa, Part 2

This post features the second of two series of images shot by Sergeant Bernard Langhoop that document life at Camp Marfa in 1927.  (The first set can be found here.) Camp Marfa began in 1911 as an U.S. Cavalry encampment on the land that would eventually constitute much of the Chinati Foundation campus. These images show the U.S. First Cavalry on maneuvers at Camp Marfa in 1927. In 1927, the U.S. government purchased this land. Camp Marfa became Fort D. A. Russell in 1930.

A lifelong amateur photographer, Langhoop reprinted these photos in the 1980s and included them with his correspondence to the museum in 1984.