Rigging elevator shaft by BUDCO for install of Judd progression

Chinati loans horizontal wall work, or "progression," to MoMA for Judd retrospective

From March 1–July 11, 2020, the Museum of Modern Art in New York will host a retrospective of the work of Donald Judd. The Chinati Foundation has loaned a horizontal wall work, also known as a “progression,” from our permanent collection for this important exhibition.

In February 2020, Conservation Associate Tobin Becker accompanied the work, one of thirteen from the collection, to New York to oversee its installation at MoMA. The piece that was loaned was made in 1988 and is comprised of an anodized aluminum tube and blue anodized aluminum boxes. It measures 8.25” high by 254” long by 8” deep. The images below document the final steps in the work’s journey from Marfa to New York as BUDCO installs the work at MoMA.