Christian Freudenberger, installation view, the Locker Plant, October 2004

Christian Freudenberger

Christian Freudenberger’s exhibition, Zeitmaschiene (Time Machine), opened at the Locker Plant during Open House weekend and remained on view through the end of October. The work was a series of floor-to-ceiling wall paintings, filling the entire front room of the Locker Plant, which he based on images isolated and refined from a range of popular-culture sources, including comic books, advertisements, and science textbooks. Viewed from left to right, the nine panels depicted an oil spurt erupting in an otherwise empty room; a spinning globe juxtaposed against a wall map; a skyscraper rising above a deserted freeway; a dust ball suspended in mid-air; a falling coconut; a suspension bridge arcing over a body of water; the top of a staircase; a windmill; and a hazy, brilliantly colored sunset.

Taken in sequence, the nine panels suggested a large-scale, non-linear comic strip, or a random shuffling of images in a viewfinder. Freudenberger’s use of bold outlines and large areas of flat color accentuated a sense of stillness and arrested movement in the series. The images, reduced to their essential outlines then enlarged, became stark, ominous, and comical—nine blunt vignettes retaining a sense of the cryptic.

Freudenberger has exhibited extensively throughout Europe. In 2004 his work was included in exhibitions at the Kunstverein Ludwigshafen, Germany, and at Franche-Comté/Museum Dole, France. In 2002 he was a resident artist at Schloss Ringenberg in Germany. Freudenberger holds a Master’s degree in fine arts from Kunstakadamie in Düsseldorf, where he continues to live.