Presented at the Locker Plant, "Red Shift" consisted of two hundred fifty glass microscope slides positioned along the floor, mapping the movement of the sun from east to west during a nine-hour period. The glass slides projected continuously shifting patterns of light across the ceiling and walls of the room.

Christine Wallers

Christine Wallers is a nonrepresentational artist who values the imperfect, ritualistic, and contemplative process of hand-rendering. Creating temporal installations and intricate works on paper, she uses repetition, accumulation, and material multiplication whether she is working with thousands of copper wires and magnets, hundreds of handmade darts, or multiple modular paintings. She creates densities with delicate materials whose cumulative impact of layered fragilities troubles societal assumptions of strength, visibility, power, and resistance. Light and movement allow her works to constantly shift, suggesting a physical awareness and empathy in the viewer’s body. While her inspirations often come from atmospheric and phenomenological moments in nature, her art finds itself in a subgenre between conceptualism, abstraction, and formalism.