Kate Newby

Working with a variety of media including installation, textile, ceramics, casting, and glass, Kate Newby is committed to exploring and putting pressure on the limits and nature of sculpture. She is interested in not only space, volume, texture, and materials, but where and how sculpture happens. Varying in scale, her work is often fleeting in nature, and bears a strong link to not just the everyday but to the lived—collecting and registering the traces of the passing world, which the work incorporates and is incorporated into.

Newby hosted an open studio and exhibition, Swift little verbs pushing the big nouns around, at the Locker Plant on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2018. On view both inside the building and in the courtyard outside was work Newby created during her stay in Marfa as well as a limited-edition publication made by the artist with contributions by Chris Kraus and Joe Sussi.

A native of New Zealand, Kate Newby currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. She has shown her work internationally, including solo exhibitions in Auckland; Brussels; London; Los Angeles; New York; Mexico City; and Toronto. In January–March 2017 she was an artist in residence at Artpace, San Antonio, TX, and concluded her residency with the exhibition Let me be the wind that pulls your hair. In 2019 she will participate in the 21st Biennale of Sydney, and undertake solo exhibitions at Michael Lett, Auckland; Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna; The Sunday Painter, London; and the Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen.