KB Jones, Intervention, 2020. Ink and latex on canvas, 106 x 59 inches.

KB Jones

The New York-based painter KB Jones was Chinati’s artist in residence for the months of September and October. Of her work, Jones wrote:

As a figurative painter, the body plays a role in my practice, however, I am most interested in the relationship between mind and landscape. Landscape is “a way of seeing” determined by historical and cultural forces; not solely geographic, they are biographical and personal. Another way to put it would be that there are no landscapes, only contexts.

Today, with technology ever present, I believe that a painting can capture something that a photograph cannot–feelings created through mark making and touch. In our current climate, we are bombarded with so many images, and I often paint people undergoing or retreating from this bombardment. There is engagement with the contemporary world and simultaneously there is a rejection of it by my subjects and by association me. I tack back and forth between the concrete, mundane world and the imaginative, emotional world, seeking a connection between them.

In recent years Jones has shown work in exhibitions in Fairbanks, AK; New York, NY; Santa Fe, NM; the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, Narrowsburg, NY; Peter Strauss Ranch National Park, Los Angeles, CA; and at the Belconnen Art Centre, ACT, Australia. Her residencies, grants, and awards include a Land Arts of the American West research grant (2018); visiting artist, Biocultura, Santa Fe, NM (2017); Citizens Committee of New York City neighborhood grantee with Keap Fourth Garden (2015); visiting artist at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia (2014); and site scholar SITE Santa Fe, NM (2013).

As part of 2020’s virtual Chinati Weekend, Jones hosted an online studio visit in the Locker Plant on Sunday, October 11. To view a recording of that visit, click here.