Yuh-Shioh Wong, Morning Light at Chinati, 2013. Acrylic and aqua-oil on canvas, 48 x 46 in.

Yuh-Shioh Wong

Yuh-Shioh Wong’s abstract paintings and sculptures conjure the immersive atmospheres of being in nature. Originally enrolled as a science student at MIT, Wong broke with her studies and switched to painting and drawing. It was here that she felt the subjective experience of the landscape could be explored. Wong’s art probes the uniquely fleeting quality of looking at the natural world around us. During her time at Chinati, Wong explored the surrounding landscape and made photographs and sketches while hiking, which helped her to build a visual vocabulary of the region. Although she had these notes, the work was done entirely from memory, and included seventeen paintings produced in less than two months. Each painting evoked the contours and hues of West Texas without collapsing into recognizable representations.

Yuh-Shioh Wong holds a BA in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard University (1999) and a Master of Fine Arts from Hunter College (2003). She attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2003 and has shown extensively throughout the United States.