Albrecht Dürer, Erasmus of Rotterdam, engraving, 1526.

Albrecht Dürer

The special exhibition Albrecht Dürer: Five Woodcuts and Five Etchings was on view during the October 2013 Chinati Weekend. Albrecht Dürer (1471 –1528) is widely considered the preeminent artist of the Northern Renaissance who revolutionized the art of woodcut to achieve extraordinary ranges of scale, light and form and whose etchings are unprecedented in craftsmanship and suppleness of technique, creating powerful images.

The idea for this exhibition sprang from Donald Judd’s great interest in Dürer (Judd owned several woodcuts and etchings) and the wish to see the stark images of two such different artists, who lived five centuries apart, while simultaneously considering the motivation for one’s interest in the other.

This special exhibition was curated by Marianne Stockebrand, Chinati’s Director Emerita.