The Writings of Donald Judd


Contributors: Allan Antliff, Mel Bochner, Richard Ford, Thomas Kellein, David Rabinowitch, David Raskin, Richard Shiff, Roberta Smith, Karen Stein, Ann Temkin, and Nicola von Velsen.


This book documents the proceedings of Chinati’s 2008 symposium on Donald Judd’s essays and reviews. Judd began his career as an art critic in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. Though he stopped writing regular reviews in 1965, he continued to write longer essays on a variety of subjects (art, architecture, politics) throughout his life. The Writings of Donald Judd, the first book to focus on this aspect of the artist’s oeuvre, examines Judd’s prose works from a number of different perspectives and assesses their historical importance and their continuing relevance today.