Robert Irwin, untitled (four walls), 2006. Installation view.

Robert Irwin, Untitled (Four Walls), 2006: Installation

As part of Chinati’s Open House weekend in October 2006, the museum inaugurated a large temporary installation by Robert Irwin (in addition to an exhibition of his working drawings). Irwin’s installation in Chinati’s temporary U-shaped exhibition space used floor-to-ceiling-length “walls” of translucent white and black scrim, as well as window-tinting film.

Untitled (four walls) remained on view at the Chinati Foundation through July 2007.

These images were taken from a series of photos of Chinati’s temporary exhibition space in early August 2006, and document the initial preparation of the materials and assembly of the “walls” of the installation. Many of the photos show Robert Irwin working alongside assistants and Chinati staff.