Texas Talks Art: Zoe Leonard and
Tim Johnson in conversation with
Ingrid Schaffner
Tuesday, March 9, 2021 at noon
47:17 minutes

Chinati hosted artist Zoe Leonard and poet Tim Johnson in conversation with curator Ingrid Schaffner about Al Rio/To the River. Over 550 photographs by Leonard focus on the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo along the stretch where the river is used to demarcate the boundary between the United States and Mexico. Together with the compendium two-volume publication edited by Johnson, Al Rio/To the River considers deeply and broadly the complexities of border culture.

Texas Talks Art is a multi-institutional initiative intended to both introduce the work of artists across the state of Texas to a wider audience and to foster collaboration between local non-profit arts organizations. Taking the form of virtual 30-minute lunchtime talks, the series features 50 Texas artists and artist collectives in conversation with 50 Texas curators beginning in January 2021 and continuing throughout the year. To follow the program and learn more, click here.