Caitlin Murray. Photo by Alex Marks.

Caitlin Murray Named Executive Director of The Chinati Foundation/La Fundación Chinati

The Board of Trustees of The Chinati Foundation/La Fundación Chinati are pleased to announce the appointment of Caitlin Murray as its new executive director. Murray was previously director of archives and programs at Judd Foundation, where she has worked since 2008.

Murray, who was chosen after an international search, will begin her position at Chinati in mid-May.

“The board is extremely pleased to welcome Caitlin Murray as Chinati’s next executive director. The museum’s mission is to continue to implement and preserve Donald Judd’s vision for art, landscape and architecture in Marfa. We believe that Murray will fulfill that mission with excellence, passion, and enthusiasm. We are also certain that Murray’s leadership will continue to enhance audiences’ experiences with Judd in Marfa,” said Mack Fowler, chair, and Annabelle Selldorf, co-chair, of the Board of Trustees of Chinati. “We extend our gratitude to the search committee for its dedication and hard work.”

“I am honored by the opportunity to deepen my engagement with Donald Judd’s legacy at the Chinati Foundation and to lead this extraordinary artist-founded and artist-centered organization,” said Murray. “Working with Flavin and Rainer Judd and the board and staff of Judd Foundation during the last fifteen years has given me the opportunity to understand Judd’s range as an artist, and his commitment to art, architecture, design, politics, and the natural world. As executive director, I look forward to working with a group of friends and supporters who share my commitment to Chinati’s future.”

While at Judd Foundation, Murray served as co-editor of Donald Judd Writings (2016) and Donald Judd Interviews (2019). As director of archives, Murray oversaw a two-year NEH-funded project to organize and make publicly accessible the Donald Judd Papers (to be completed fall 2023). As director of programs, Murray worked with Judd Foundation’s artistic director, Flavin Judd, to organize exhibitions at 101 Spring Street featuring the work of Alvar Aalto, John Chamberlain, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Donald Judd, Yayoi Kusama, Richard Long, David Novros, James Rosenquist, Lauretta Vinciarelli, and Meg Webster.

In addition to her work at Judd Foundation, Murray was an advisory member of Yale Union, a center for contemporary art in Portland, Oregon. Through her collaborative work with the Marfa Book Co., Murray organized exhibitions by Rosa Barba, Jean Baptiste-Bernadet, James Benning, Luis Camnitzer, Robert Grenier, Magalie Guerin, Van Hanos, Roni Horn, Aaron Flint Jamison, Zoe Leonard, and Ed Ruscha. She is a committee member of In Front of Us, a film series that features films by women directors, producers, and screenwriters.

Murray studied at the University of Texas at Austin where she received her master of science of information studies (MSIS) and an MA in art history.