Rosa Barba, Perceptual Response to Sound and Light, 2013, installation view from exterior

Rosa Barba

In December 2013, Rosa Barba concluded her residency with an exhibition/performance at the Locker Plant. Barba projected a powerful, otherworldly beam of light onto the façade of the Locker Plant that was synchronized to pulse with the arrival of each passing train through the center of Marfa.

Rosa Barba was born in Italy and lives and works in Berlin. Barba’s work is largely concerned with the situation of cinema—namely the physical characteristics of celluloid, light, projector, and sound. Her work takes a sculptural approach to film, often disassembling the elements to create entirely new forms.  In 2014 Barba presented her work Subconscious Society—live at New York’s Anthology Film Archives as part of the annual performance art festival Performa 13. Her work has also been exhibited at the Saint Louis Contemporary art Museum (2012), Jeu de Paume, Paris (2012), Tate Modern, London (2010), and the Venice Biennale (2009).