Charisse Pearlina Weston

Charisse Pearlina Weston is a conceptual artist and writer whose practice is grounded in a deep material investigation of poetics and the autobiographical in the service of Black people.

Charisse [read more]

Willie Binnie

Willie Binnie’s work confronts the American mythos—the imagery enshrouding a land with a complex, often dark and troubling, past and present, cloaked in a smoke screen of stoic heroism—as well [read more]

Troy Montes Michie

Troy Montes Michie is an interdisciplinary painter and educator. Using collage as his methodology, Montes Michie engages with archives to reveal the complexity of the gaze and trouble the representation [read more]

Carmina Escobar

Carmina Escobar is an extreme vocalist, improviser, sound, and intermedia artist. Escobar investigates and expresses emotions, politics, states of alienation, and the possibilities of interpersonal connection. Through voice performances, installations, [read more]

Farah Al Qasimi

Farah Al Qasimi makes photographs, films, and music. Often working with large-scale vinyl imagery and a multiplicity of photographic prints and screens, Al Qasimi is interested in the internet and [read more]

Morgan Bassichis

Morgan Bassichis is a comedic performer who has been described as “fiercely hilarious” by The New Yorker. Their work often uses humor, music, and popular education to activate lineages of [read more]

Eric N. Mack

April - May 2023

Lucy Skaer

January - February 2023

Anne Hardy

November - December 2022

Jesus Benavente

September - October 2022

David Watson

August 2022

Mike Crane

July 2022